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Take Action

Detention of children must end immediately! Take Action!

1. March on the 5th of June at Release Carnival to show that there is wide support in the population to end detention of children and families for immigration purposes!

2.  Write to the new minister of immigration, Damian Green MP, it is easy and takes only two seconds on

3. Join the facebook group, Students Against Child Detention to show that there is large support behind this campaign,

4. Sign the End Child Detention Now petition, which now has more than 4700 signatories!, and  sign the Outcry Campaign petition,!/19866.asp

5. Write to your MP. It is quick and easy with the draft letter available on the ecdn website. See the letter here.

6. Write to your local newspaper!

7. Ask your MP to sign the Early Day Motion 139. See the EDM here

8. Raise awareness! Usually, when people hear children and families in detention, they do not believe it. Then they want to stop it. Please tell everyone you know now

See also for more suggestions to action you can take to help end child detention now!

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