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Why are we campaigning? Numerous reports have been released in the past, revealing that detention has a detrimental impact on children’s health and development. England is the only country in Europe, which detains children and families administratively and indefinitely. There can be no doubt that this practice must end, and we demand that the politicians in the UK abolish detention for children as soon as possible!

The Children’s Commissioner’s Report, The Arrestation and Detention of Children Subject to Immigration Control, Feb 2010

Read the report here

Sir Al Aynsley-Green, Children’s Commissioner for England launched a progress report into conditions in which children are held at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre.

Refugee Migrant Justice: Safe at last? Children on the Frontline of UK Border Control

Read the report here

Every week at British ports, vulnerable children are found crammed in the boots of cars, hidden in lorries and found hanging underneath trucks. Many have travelled for months, alone, under the control of abusive smugglers. They arrive exhausted, traumatised, hungry and often sick or injured. Many have not slept or eaten properly for days. When they arrive, the children believe they are safe at last. Their treatment by the UK Border Agency undermines that belief. This RMJ report looks into the problems faced by unaccompanied asylum seeking children on arrival in the UK.

Refugee Migrant Justice: Does Every Child Matter? Asylum-seeking Children in Britain.

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RMJ published this research document on 10 March 2009,  the first ever comprehensive review of practice in the light of the new Home Office Code for safeguarding children. It shows that there is a significant gap between the Goverment’s commitment that every child matters and the reality, with children seeking asylum without basic protections available to others in the UK.

Bail for Immigration Detainees, Obstacles to accountability: challenging the immigration detention of families.

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The aim of this handbook is to provide up-to-date analysis of current detention policy and practice to inform campaigners, lawyers, human rights organisations and parliamentarians who wish to challenge family detention.

Save the Children: No Place for A Child, Children in UK immigration detention: Impacts,alternatives and safeguards

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This report examines the experience of children who are detained for the purpose of immigration control. It explores the impacts of detention on children, the alternatives to detention and the safeguards that are necessary to prevent detention becoming prolonged and to ensure that children’s rights are upheld and that they are treated lawfully.

Child Abuse & Neglect: The mental and physical health difficulties of children held within a British immigration detention center: A pilot study

Read the report here

Detained children were found to be experiencing mental and physical health difficulties of recent onset, which appeared to be related to the detention experience. These findings support previous Australian studies demonstrating that detention is not in the best interest of the child. It suggests that current UK policies regarding the detention of children for purposes of immigration control should be re-examined. Further research in the area is required.

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